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I will be leading a breakout session at the 2023 Pete Tarantola IAC Conference! Click HERE for more information! 

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Photos from this summer's live book readings. 

Macomb Public Library, Western Illinois Museum, Davenport Public Library, Chandler Park

Summer 2021 Reading Events

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Western Illinois University

Celebrates Black History Month


Violet Plum is a young girl, who lives in the fictional town of Indigoville. Violet loves her small town, and the fact that everyone there is a beautiful shade of purple. One day, Violet’s mom gets a new job, and the two of them must move to a new town, Honeyview Hills. Violet is skeptical about the move, especially when she learns that everyone in Honeyveiw Hills is an interesting shade of orange. Little Violet must adjust to her new town, and learn an interesting lesson in the process.  


About The Color of Friendship


"I love this book and think it is a great book for children. It has a great way of explaining that the color of people really doesn't matter and you can meet friends anywhere you go, no matter what color you are. I cannot wait to give this to my grandkids to read!"

Amazon Customer, jj8589

Great for children AND adults! Reminds us that just because someone looks different doesn't mean we cant love and accept them just the same!

Amazon Customer, Sierra S.

A beautifully written and illustrated book. A great reminder to show a little more understanding and kindness to each other. We are all more similar than we think.

Amazon Customer, Cathy M.

"This is such a great book, and it teaches such an awesome lesson! Way to go Adrienne!" 

Danielle, Customer

"The story is cute! I like the play on words of the title and how it’s showing you can move and make new friends just like your old ones!"

Jayah Washington, Author 

"Oh I absolutely love this book. LJ had so many questions! I think everyone should introduce this book to their kids especially with everything going on in the world right now."

Chastity, Customer & Educator

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