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Front Porch Interview, Western Illinois Museum

Part 1

Front Porch Interview, Western Illinois Museum

Part 2

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- Adrienne C. Graham, Author -

Adrienne C. Graham is an elementary school teacher, who has always had a passion for children's literature.  Over the years, Adrienne has read hundreds of children's books and wanted to make a lasting impression of her own, that would inspire and ignite imagination in young children. Her first book, The Color of Friendship, was inspired by her own childhood experiences.  

Adrienne resides in Macomb, Illinois, with her husband Pierre, and their two daughters, Genovia and Genesis. They love reading new stories but also have  favorites including, A Bad Case of Stripes and Chrysanthemum

Adrienne wholeheartedly believes that reading is extremely necessary for child development and cognitive functioning! She aims to write stories that children of all ages can enjoy! 

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